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Businesses of any size can become victim to a cyber attack and around 1 in 2 small to medium businesses are forecast to suffer a security breach. Securing your business might be one of the most important things you can do, however, It is common for SMB’s to divert away from prioritizing Cyber Security. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding, resource or budget. All very reasonable justifications.

Advanced Protection

Businesses are having to deal with more advanced threats and a constantly evolving security landscape. ITB are able to test and analyse the latest advanced threat protection technologies to provide best solution for your business.

Security Expertise

With the massive cyber security skills gap, it can be hard to recruit staff with relevant skills in cyber security. We can provide a highly trained security focused team who leverage threat intelligence and help improve your security posture.

Immediate Savings

The latest security solutions can be expensive and complicated and there may be multiple solutions that need to be considered at once. Our managed security services can include all of this into one scalable monthly fee, solutions can be cloud based with support and security engineers included in the cost.

At ITB we are passionate about ensuring Cyber Security is available for businesses of any size and any vertical. We work with our customers to map out their Cyber Journey and help secure their businesses in order to minimise the risk of a Cyber Attack. And we make it simple!

Our Process

10 Reasons Businesses Adopt Managed Security Services

There are many reasons businesses move to a trusted Manged Service provider. From cost savings and advanced technology to heavily increased security and peace of mind. Download our latest whitepaper to discover the top 10 reasons our customers have selected Managed Security for their business.

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Our Managed Security solutions give your business the tools to succeed with out the worry of the ever changing security landscape and cyber skills requirements; We have hand-picked leading solutions, to build bespoke packages for any size of business. Our aim is to be able to provide enterprise grade cyber security to your organisation regardless of whether you're a small team or an international force.

Managed Security

We provide solutions ranging from Endpoint, Email, Web & Cloud giving a broad range of coverage. The majority of solutions are SaaS based requiring minimal onboarding time.

Security Assessments

Our Cyber Security Consultants can assess your business needs and align the right solutions to increase your security maturity. We align these with proven frameworks so you can track your progress.

Risk and Compliance

Our Solutions and Consulting can be tailored to help you achieve security frameworks, reducing your risk and increasing your security posture.

Want to see what ITB can do for you?

We have been providing bespoke managed services for Enterprise customers for over 10 years and have designed our current Manged Security Services to be flexible and simplistic while catering for the most demanding IT Security challenges. Our solutions range from the core IT Security solutions every business should have, to our enhnaced and bespoke offerings tailored for your business needs.

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ITB are an expert solutions provider in Cyber Security and Managed Security Services.

Our Managed Services provide structured security solutions against cyberattacks, including always up to date software and the latest insight and expertise on cyber threats. Backed by our highly accredited Engineers our experience gives us an opportunity to develop security strategies and solutions that respond to your evolving business challenges.


We understand that every business has a unique approach to Cyber Security, and this is why ITB follow a proven managed service “life cycle” to ensure we understand your exact requirements and what drives your business decisions.

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